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Colorado Cantaloupe Listeria

Outbreak: Colorado Cantaloupe Listeria
Product: Jensen Farms (Colorado) “Rocky Ford” cantaloupeInvestigation Start Date: 8/29/2011
Location: Multi-stateEtiology: Listeria monocytogenes
Earliest known case onset date: 7/31/2011Latest case onset date: 10/27/2011
Confirmed Case Count: 147Positive Environmental/Food Samples: 12 / 22
Hospitalizations: 143Deaths: 33
In 2011 a multistate outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes infected 147 people, including 143 hospitalizations and 33 deaths. Illnesses were associated with Colorado cantaloupes marketed as “Rocky Ford” grown at Jensen Farms.

Listeria Soft Cheese

Outbreak: Listeria Soft Cheese
Product: Soft CheeseInvestigation Start Date: 06/27/2013
Location: Multi-StateEtiology: Listeria monocytogenes
Earliest known case onset date: 5/14/2013Latest case onset date: 6/16/2013
Confirmed / Presumptive Case Count: 5 / 0Positive Samples (Food / Environmental): 18 / 1
Five outbreak cases of listeriosis were identified in Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. The use of the CDC Listeria Initiative questionnaire to identify a soft cheese signal, along with re-interviewing cases (or their proxies) and calling restaurants to get specific details on cheese brand and cheese type were critical … Continue Reading ››