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Cold Stone

Outbreak: Cold Stone Cake Batter Ice Cream
Product: Cake Batter Ice CreamInvestigation Start Date: 06/29/2005
Location: Multi-stateEtiology: Salmonella Typhimurium
Earliest known case onset date: 05/21/2005Latest case onset date: 07/04/2005
Confirmed / Presumptive Case Counts: 25 / 0Positive Samples (Food / Environmental): 2 / 0

The vehicle for this outbreak was ice cream made with a contaminated cake mix ingredient. Four patients reported eating cake batter flavor ice cream from two separate outlets of Cold Stone Creamery.

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Jack-in-the-Box Hamburgers

Outbreak: Jack In The Box Hamburgers
Product: HamburgersInvestigation Start Date: 01/12/1993
Location: Multi-State OutbreakEtiology: E. coli O157
Earliest known case onset date: 11/18/1992Latest case onset date: 02/21/1993
Confirmed / Presumptive Case Counts: 503 / 229Positive Samples (Food / Environmental / Water): 0 / 0 / 0
Hospitalizations: 151Deaths: 3

This was the largest outbreak of E. coli O157 infections ever documented in the United States, and it injected this pathogen—and threats to food safety in general—into popular consciousness.

Protected: 2005-106 Spiritual Retreat Shigella

Outbreak: Spiritual Retreat Shigella
Product: Never pinpointedInvestigation Start Date: 7/28/2005
Location: Douglas County, OREtiology: Shigella
Earliest known case onset date: 07/19/2005Latest case onset date: 08/06/2005
Confirmed / Presumptive Case Counts: 262 / 18Positive Samples (Food / Environmental / Water): 0 / 0 / 0

This outbreak of shigellosis is one the largest Oregon has ever seen with at least 280 cases identified (18 of which were lab-confirmed).


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