Welcome, citizen, to the Museum’s first outbreak submission contest!

Submit a significant or interesting outbreak investigation and you may win official International Outbreak Museum T-shirts! The winning outbreak investigation submission will also become an official online exhibit right here on the Museum website.

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Promotion Period:The International Outbreak Museum (IOM) Outbreak Submission T-shirt Contest begins March 1st, 2018 and ends March 31st, 2018. A winner will be chosen within 30 days of the promotion end date. We will contact the winner if additional online exhibit materials are needed.

Prize: The winner (or each member of the winning team) will receive a T-shirt in (choose one) small, medium, large, or extra large (subject to availability). In addition, your winning outbreak investigation will become an official IOM website online exhibit.

Special Requirements: Since the chosen winner’s exhibit will become an official online exhibit at, the aforementioned must be willing to work in a limited fashion with museum staff to finalize the online outbreak exhibit. This may include a request for additional information or materials (such as pictures, video, an epi curve, outbreak questionnaire, etc).

Eligibility: Anyone can submit an outbreak investigation. There are no restrictions for eligibility based upon geographic location or whether or not you participated in the submitted outbreak investigation. T-shirts will be shipped to the winners within 2-8 weeks (to the best of our ability).

How To Enter: You may enter this contest as an individual or a small team. To enter the contest, a historically significant outbreak investigation report must be submitted to International Outbreak Museum staff.

To submit your exhibit, please fill out the online exhibit submission form (below) and submit it along with any supporting materials (images, captions for images, publications, presentations, epi curve, etc) to the following email address:


NOTE: For examples of current online outbreak exhibits, please click “Outbreak Exhibits” at the top of this page or click here.

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  • 1) Investigation jurisdiction (local Health Department, state Health Department, Federal, Other)
  • 2) Pathogen
  • 3) Vehicle/venue
  • 4) Case counts (confirmed/presumptive/suspect)
  • 5) Geographic distribution of cases (single county/state-wide/multi-state/International)
  • 6) First and last onset dates
  • 7) Pictures! (please include captions for each photo submitted as part of exhibit)
  • 8) Number of positive non-human specimens (water, environment, food, etc.)


  • 9) Publication citation (optional)
  • 10) Presentations (optional)
  • 11) Investigation tools (e.g., questionnaire) (optional)


Please limit the 3 sections below to a total of ~1000 words

  1. 1) Abstract: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions
  2. 2) Highlights: unique features or reasons why the outbreak is important
  3. 3) Lessons learned
  4. Please send this completed form to